Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nobody is NOT perfect

My greatest sin,however,is that I always try to fish for the meanings behind the songs I listen to. I was listening to Bon Jovi's "Welcome to wherever you are" when I reached "remember that you're perfect,God makes no mistakes."
I'm perfect? So what was all this talk about nobody being perfect...the same old cliche we repeat whenever we want to justify any stupid mistake we have done?
I mean,no one can deny that God makes no mistakes!
So what could Bon Jovi possibly mean? They didn't sound like they were simply writing an uplifting note.They sounded like they were joining a revolution of some kind.
If there was a sin called 'too much thinking',I'd probably excel in it.
What do they mean?
Ok.I give up.But at least I'll tell you how I see it.
Every one of us can find a way to be perfect.If you give people all the love you have,you're perfect. If you stretch yourself to the limit and push yourself further and further to achieve what you want,you're perfect. If someone considers you their best friend...you are perfect!
Find your own way to break the cliche...!


My Ideas_My personality said...

1- Apreciating your greatest Sin but it will not be usefull if u use it with your future husband beccause Men like everything smoothly and not to hunt every word
2- In the same time your Sin shows the mind which is always active and not having (Sloth) as your previous subject
3- Appreciating also that you still hearing BonJovi, Really he has a different style, I tried to keep hearing him but i stopped for the last 2 years
4-Commenting on Bon Jovi's Phrase
1st of all thanks God that he is a believer. 2nd Kindly take this phrase as he is cheering a sad human being who is feeling that his absence in this life is a mistake. So (Perfect)in this phrase refering to God who makes no mistakes. Fo an example one of my friend is a good artist he done a very good picture, So i told him " OH GOD this is PERFECT " So perfect her refered to the creator not to what has been created.

In the end this is my point of view and i hope this will be Bonjovi's.

Wild at Heart said...

That's why i'm afraid of marriage :)
Sure,but Bonjovi were referring to the listener as 'perfect'.That's why it's a confusing statement.I'm hopeful cos u found an interpretaion of ur own.Keep thinking ;)

Anonymous said...

From an American's point of view I see nothing at odd or confusing about the lyric. I find it very cute that you thought about it (although I think you might have been kidding, I'm not sure). To an American, mistakes or faults have absolutely nothing to do with being perfect or not perfect. A person without faults would be boring and quite unbearable to be around wouldn't they?
When an American would say something like "you are perfect because God doesn't make mistakes" it means that even with all your many faults that is what God intended and therefore you are perfect just as you are. It's more of a feeling at looking at a little tiny baby and seeing how perfect and delicate and innocent they are...they cause all kinds of trouble...but they are still 'perfect'. Just because we grow up does that make our soul any different? Does God see us any differently than he did the day he created us? We think not.
In addition, I was reading this book and it was talking about American Cultural traits, which are very hard to define or see clearly for many various reasons - any way, one thing I found fascinating is that America is one of the only cultures that see mistakes as truly positive things. My husband is Egyptian - and therefore it helps me see my own culture a bit more clearly, and it is absolutely true! We don't mind mistakes at all - we rather enjoy them because it means we get the chance to try again and make whatever we are doing better. (I'm not talking about mistakes like what has happened in Iraq- I'm speaking of things in daily life, love and work). My husband on the other hand likes to plan everything out to make sure that there is no room for error - and when he does mess up he is VERY hard on himself. Me on the other hand, I couldn't care less that I mess up (unless it causes pain and suffering to someone else) - as I believe I am human and that mistakes and imperfections are a part of that, and often a very good part of that. I don't mind when the people I love mess up either - because God made them and since he is perfect whatever he creates must be perfect as well...so mistakes must be okay. (I am NOT saying one should not strive to live a good life, or make excuses for bad behavior)

In addition - I'm afraid I don't think Bon Jovi was thinking of God in the same way you do...so to try and figure out exactly what he meant when he wasn't REALLY talking about God is a bit confusing to you I'm sure. I'm afraid it would be hard for me to believe that Bon Jovi does much thinking or talking about God at all. ;)

I've very much enjoyed your English posts and would like to say that your life will be hard...as you are very sensitive and very passionate and a bit confused in a society where you are not free to explore your deepest concerns - I can SEE your deepest concerns (perhaps you write those in English?) and I feel for you...but indeed I do strongly believe that God doesn't make mistakes....and you will find your way. Yes, your life will be hard, but without hardship there is no joy - and one ounce of pure joy is worth several pounds of sadness. You will have more joy than most - because you are paying attention. You will find love...once you accept yourself. And it is my greatest wish at this very moment that someday you will know EXACTLY what Bon Jovi meant.

Hugs. Kimberly.

Wild at Heart said...

Kimberly, gotta adopt the American point of view!
I was serious. It was very puzzling to me, u already know the eastern point of view so u know why it's puzzling.But now it's all clear and seriously, I now feel much more comfortable with my mistakes...and I'm less hard on myself.

Well, maybe Bon Jovi repented or something:)

Hmm, do I write my deepest concerns in English? I can't see it this way. Believe it or not,Kimberly,I decide to write in English or Arabic according to mere whims. Or if I want to address just Egyptians/Arabs because I see it's a srtictly Egyptian issue, for example.

And as for the end of your comment...I'm speechless :$ and I'm surprised how much you have seen through me. I've realised lately that I don't accept myself..at some times, don't even love myself. Gotta throw my old self away! A good idea for the new year's resolution :)
Thanx forever!