Saturday, January 30, 2010

Avatar; blatantly anti-colonialist?

(Spoiler Warning)
It is the eternal discourse and the never-ending contrast between the colonists and the natives. The colonists are advanced, the natives are primitive. The colonists are practical, scientific and materialistic, the natives are spiritual. The colonists are also downright cruel, whereas the natives are loyal and brave.
This sharp contrast not only sums up the blockbuster Avatar but also the discourse on colonialism ever since it started hundreds of years ago. No doubt the movie presents a breathtaking make-believe world of what outer space might hold in the next century, vivid and exquisite scenery, powerful images as well as action and thrill. But you cannot turn a blind eye to the very obvious socio-political message of the film. I don't believe in the ars gratia artis philosophy (art for art's sake). Art always tells us who we are, provides alternate realities, or for that matter, alternate dreams.
The film presents both sides of a colonial discourse, which is fair, and attributes certain features to the natives which is unfair. It is a considerable break away from other silly US films produced in the 90s and early 2000s about the all-American hero who has absolute power of machinery and mind to subdue other territories which are not given voice (Independence Day, Armageddon). The muddle the US is facing now in the two countries it occupies (Afghanistan, Iraq...and Haiti?) clearly disillusioned many filmmakers including James Cameron. It is clear that no communities will get attacked and not resort to resistance, also as clear it is that the attack is never justified, successful or ethical, but blatantly materialistic, destructive and even short-sighted. Hopefully, it is now clear that you cannot crush a community with your machinery no matter how developped and advanced and "go home for dinner" as the commander says in the movie. A people's spiritual attachment to their deity, land, environment and continuity is more enduring than man's desire for earthly matters.
Two issues remain controversial though. The first is regarding the features of the Natives. Throughout colonial discourse, indigenous groups have been described, called and treated as the vilest of creations. The white man (US marine) is expected to "civilise the brutes", and it is "his burden". This racism serves both as a pretext for attack, and for the natives to deem themselves unworthy of living, having failed to rise above primitive. The Na'vi of the film have been called "savages" and "blue monkeys" but it's from the head of the mining operation, which comes as no surprise. However, the natives are really a merge between Africans and animals, or so it seemed to me. Their noses are distinctively flat, their facial bones are distinctive of negros, they live in tribes, they hunt down people or animals using arrows and swords, they are scantily clad....They are totally detached from urbanisation as it hasn't worked with them, as the snooty head of the operation remarks. At the same time, they have unmistakable animal features. They have cat-like ears, tails and they hiss like many animals to intimidate possible attackers. If it were a new form of "creatures" the writer has imagined, it would be understandable, but they have been clearly referred to as "people" by Dr. Grace Augustine. Truly though they are courageous and loyal, but why do people have tails, hiss and live like people in the dark ages?
The second point is, only an avatar having human genes has been able to assemble and mastermind the counterattacks on the US army. Only the hybrid Jake and Dr. Augustine take part in empowering the natives and reshaping their "army". In other words, the natives are still mainly dependent on the "civilised" nation for organising themseleves and desgining an attack, a strategy which any human brain can devise. Frustratingly enough, the "pure" natives are only followers. It is true that they used some machinery made by US troops, but they have been lead by Jake the avatar, the US ex-marine. Though of course in the final scene is compromising in that Jake chooses the Na'vi identity.
A new vision on colonialism the film provides and a vivid foresight of what may become of the US army if they continue exterminating people, destroying their land and taking away all they hold dear. However, the image of the colonised people, or the natives, remains distorted. It has progressed yes, in the sense that they at least have human features, but no filmmaker is obliged to "condescend" to make this move.

Monday, January 25, 2010

مصر والجزائر تاني

من أولها كده...أهو

كرة القدم للإمتاع والإبداع أرجو من المصريين الجدد والحنجوريين والإعلام غير المسئول والعنصريين والتافهين والمتنصلين من جذورهم العربية مايفسدوش علينا فرحتنا أو فرحة الجزائريين

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Questions I hate and answers I'd love to give

X: So...what's new? Eih El Gedeed?
Me: Haven't you known! I'm running for president.

X: Ha...mafesh 7aga keda walla keda? (aka Any suitors yet?)
Me: Well...I'm as single as you are :@

X: Malek? (What's wrong?)
Me: Sorry...I just figured out that I will die one day...and that Palestine is still occupied.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

مقتل مجند مصري عل الحدود: عشان الغباء ليه ناسه

أي حد مابيفهمش أ ب سياسة حيفهم إن طريقة مصر في التعامل مع قافلة شريان الحياة والحرية لغزة تميزت بالغباء السياسي الشديد...السلطات المصرية المفروض إنهم عارفين إن الناس مش سايبة أهلها وبلدها ودراستها وشغلها ومتشحططين ونايمين على الأرض ودافعين مبالغ عشان يقولوا لهم هش يتهشوا، منظمو القافلة ضحوا بحاجات كتير أهمها سلامتهم وحياتهم عشان يقدروا يناصروا غزة ويقدموا للمحاصرين اللي يقدروا عليه من المساعدات...
دلوقتي أنا ماقريتش الخبر بالتفصيل لإني لا أثق في معظم وسائل الإعلام لكن أي سيناريو حصل معناه إن السلطات المصرية متحملة المسئولية...لو الفلسطينيين هما اللي بدأوا الضرب ده لإن الأمن المصري مستأسد عليهم وسايب الإسرائيليين ينتهك الحدود ويقتل المجندين من غير ما مصر تقول بم حتى...ولسه امبارح الشيخ حازم أبو إسماعيل (من القلة أصحاب الضمير في الفضائيات) قايل إنك كل ما تخنق ناس أكتر كل ما مقاومتهم بتزيد، لما مصر محاصرة غزة وكمان تبني جدار عازل عشان يموتوا ويستسلموا لإسرائيل وده مش حيحصل يبقى لازم ده يسبب غضب ويشعل الموقف أكتر ما هو متهبب، ولو المصريين هما اللي بدأوا الضرب وده الأرجح لإن منظمي القافلة اتضربوا أصلاً من وهما في القاهرة برضو مصر متحملة مسئولية المجند اللي مات...وطبعاً دلوقتي بقى في إيديهم دليل واضح جداَ إن مصر أمنها القومي مهدد وإن الفلسطينيين بيضربوا النار علينا!
والكلام ده مش أنا بس اللي بقولوه، ده عماد الدين أديب حبيب الحكومة قالها والمستشار جودت الملط قالها، إن سوء إدارة الأزمات مستشري على جميع المستويات...والقافلة كانت ممكن تعدي بسهولة أكتر من كده بدل الفضيحة اللي اتفضحناها واللي هندفع تمنها غالي قوي وأهو أول مصري دفع التمن مات النهاردة...لكن الأمن طبعاً لا يرحم ولا يخلي رحمة ربنا تنزل.
هكتب إن شاء الله تدوينة عن رأيي في الجدار قريب.