Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Random virtues of growing up

With age comes confidence, at least to most people.
1) Yesterday I passed randomly by some government employees. As usual they were eating lebb. (For shame, what does lebb mean in English? Pulp?) I said salamo aleko but then I looked again, not because I was offended they were fusing leisure with supposed work, but because I usually get the where-are-you-going question. They soon burst into laughter, probably out of embarrassment. Now winding back to ten years ago, I would wonder what the hell is wrong with my t-shirt, or the way I walk, or my salamo aleko, and walk home in tears.

2) You realise that Titanic is also about gender inequality, class conflict and major script failures on the part of Cameron, and not just the touch-me-in-steamy-car love plotline.

3) The more you lose people through death or other more cruel means, the more you appreciate who you have now.

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