Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Let's work together

I'm surprised music can still make some sense among the ruins...
"Don't just stand there watching it happening

I can't stand it

Don't feel it

Something's telling me

Don't wanna go out this way

But have a nice day

Then read it in the headlines

Watch it on the TV

Put it in the background

Stick it in the back

Stick it in the back

For the beautiful occupation

The beautiful occupation

You don't need an invitation

To drop in upon a nation

I'm too cynical

I'm just sitting here

I'm just wasting my time

Half a million civillians gonna die today

But look the wrong way!"

"The Beautiful Occupation" by Travis

Ever since the Israeli aggression on Lebanon started...many of us have been wondering what we could do.Some of us even decided to do nothing out of sheer despair.But if you think about it...you can do much:

  • Pray!

  • Blog about the FACTS,reply to the comments of the brainwashed ....

  • Contact the Lebanese embassy in Cairo: 02 738 2823Account number u can donate money through: 156 156 6002 (BankMisr).

  • Send an e-mail to the ministry of Petroleum and Energy...saying NO to exporting gas to Israel(funny,our money is killing the Lebanese people."We're all criminals...we're all victims!" One of my favourite quotes from the movie "AlKarnak"). E-mail:contactus@petroleum.gov.eg Subject:"لنوقف الآن وفورا الصادرات المصرية من غاز وبترول إلى اسرائيل فلا يعقل أن نستمر فى إمداد قتلة الأطفال بحاجتهم من الطاقة" or,according to my humble translation;"Let us stop exporting oil and gas to Israel IMMEDIATELY.It is illogical that we provide the children-killers with their supply of 'oil'."

  • Send a short message of appreciation to Chavez! E-mail:Letters@VHeadline.com Subject:Arab People are grateful to Mr. President Hugo Chavez, for his courageous and human actions. We support his actions, thank him, and wish that Arab people and people of Venezuela can cooperate in different fields.

    Boycott the all-US products(yes,again).Only be careful it's purely US,so you would not lead an Egyptian worker bankrupt in the way.At least this is how I see it.

Don't ever say it doesn't work,for who knows? Get over all feelings of hopelessness and let us work together.Be positive! Be hopeful!

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