Friday, October 13, 2006

Have I introduced myself well?

1) I really am totally harmless, except when it comes to me.
2) I think Pink Floyd is not just a band…Pink Floyd is a tune. Pink Floyd is a drug. Pink Floyd is a passion. Pink Floyd is a life.
3) I am a feminist .Sad but true.
4) I love wildly, savagely…and roughly.
5) I love people so much. You can say this is my weak point.
6) Black coffee is…. Umm…read “Obsession”!!
7) I don’t think I’m ordinary…although there’s still nothing peculiarly special about my life.
8) One of my dreams is becoming a script writer.
9) Try asking me a question…and I will never give you a precise answer.
10) I think I’ll die an awful death. A violent murder or something.
11) I hate technology. Sometimes to the point that I feel I can’t live without it.
12)I have no problem with gays, lesbians and bisexuals ….
13) I cannot bear weakness.
14) I am a rebellious bomb just about to blow up.
15) I am still haunted by a picture showing a woman’s body torn in half…during the Bosnian Genocide.
16) It is not that I daydream a lot; I rarely even visit real life.
17) Among all love songs…The Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin” just sweeps me off the ground.
18) I have suicidal tendencies. One thing you should know for sure; if I ever get raped, that will be the end of it all.
19) I have a passion for deep voices…the David Gilmour type.
20) I am the resurrection of
Sarah Kane.
21) I love the mystery, the selfishness, the mere look of cats!
22) The longest time I can concentrate on one thing is 20 seconds.
23) I am sphexophobic.
24) I subconsciously hold my breath when I see Angelina Jolie.
25) I think keeping some of your secrets just to yourself is fishy but amusing.


Dead Man Walking said...

good to know, but what's a sphexophobic? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL a sphexophobic is someone who has extreme fear or hatred for wasps...eldababeeeer

قطر الندى said...

i am impressed

Elsede3' said...

i like how u put it all together keda
pink floyd are...baslash abda2 atkalem 3shan mesh hane7'las
and um still haunted by a picture of a guy fried up also in the Bosnian Genocide
and yeah, everybody hold his breath wen seeing angelina