Saturday, March 10, 2007

To hate yourself

I've recently realised that I hate myself. For what reason I don't know.
The thought first came up to my mind when I found out how I hate reading my posts on this blog! The moment I finish writing I just click "publish" and I never want to read it, ever again. Even if I know it was an achievement.
And the mirror. The moment I lay my eyes on the mirror I don't feel very excited to meet myself. It's that world in which I find my own reflections, with all its imperfections and dirt, no disguise no more! "But GOD I wanna let it go!" I hate looking at that wide forhead, this lousy hair, those yellowish eyes and soar eyelids. How have I come to look at myself as such! This pale skin, those black pores. Me. I hate me.
A dear friend once told me that what i think of myself, the others will think of me. This sentence I believe and admire, yet never 'apply'. When people find a girl always looking at what's beneath her feet, careful of tumbling down. What do you expect? For God's sake what do you expect?
I always think of my students and how they bear such an extraordinarily boring person teaching them. And when they express their deepest love and appreciation, I can't help wondering what they love me for! Aren't I mere crap!
Sometimes I wanna get away from it all.
Sometimes I wanna end it all.
Logically speaking, you can hate yourself when you hurt others,or feel very unreligious. But then I honestly don't hurt people intentionally at least - and I'm exerting some effort reconnecting with God. And when I make a mistake, it's not like nobody else does it, but nobody hates himself for it like i do.
If I don't know the disease, how can I ever know the cure!

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Triple H said...

Dear Noha,
its not the long ago that you told me to try & love myself, but you don't practice what you preach do you ?
But in your case i think you should reverse that sentence ,it should be what the others think of you ,think of yourself, i am sure you are surrounded by a lot of people that love you & you said your students love you as well ,so i don't see any reason why would someone as beautiful as you should hate herself ,& stop looking at the mirror ,& this is coming from a skinny bonefied creature , its who you are that matters your hardwork & your dedication that defines you ,there is a lot of people whom God gives them physical strength & good looks & yet they are so lazy & shallow & they dont work half as hard as you do ,but dont get me wrong i honestly think you look great, i am just saying its who you are that matters most.
Best Wishes