Monday, March 31, 2008

American Idiot

And so a US navy-chartered boat killed a hapless Egyptian in Suez. The victim, a simple 'boatman' approached the ship along with two other boatmen in order to sell goods to large boats sailing through the port; the only source of income they know of in an increasingly corrupted country.
The 27-year-old died and left a poor widow and two children.
Needless to say, after the incident, the ship passed without being apprehended, without the shooter being taken in custody or anything. The just president of the US expressed some sort of sorrow for the incident, and stated that an investigation will be opened.
I did not expect the Egyptian Government to do anything about the MURDER. I just knew it would let it pass. Egyptians now are of absolutely no value or dignity, either in or out of their home. You can just beat an Egyptian up, set him on fire or hang him from his feet-all actions that should be punishable by the Egyptian Government, but Egyptian blood is priceless...meaning without a price!
Human life is priceless...and anyone who takes it away should be punished- this is the a b c of justice. So if the US has absolute brutish right to punish Afghans or Iraqis or those phantoms of the opera they are fighting in retaliation for the 9/11 attacks, if the US the upholder of freedom and human rights...why did it let its ship pass? Why are the lives of hundreds more valuable than the life of one humble person? It's the same misery, the same grief on both sides. The life of one nameless human being is not like stepping on grass then feeling bad about it. Justice should be done. Or else, accept that more terrorist attacks will be carried out and shut the fuck up.

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حكيم النيل said...

You can not blame the U.S. government alone, but our government is partner in the blood of one of its citizens more than the forigners because its silence.
I feel ashamed
when i remember this incident!!