Friday, June 06, 2008

The Lagging Tag

Once upon a time, the dear fellow-blogger Ravine tagged me; I was supposed to write ten random things about myself. There you go, Ravine!

1) I am well-bred and decent in real life. However, I don't bother to be so as a blogger. Over here, I swear, curse and tackle forbidden issues freely. Schizophrenic? Maybe- I couldn't care less. Sometimes matters get so crazy you just can't be polite anymore. Wouldn't you agree?

2) My measure of right and wrong are driven from Islamic teachings. I don't know if I should be called 'religious' for this. Whenever I think of a religious girl, the image of a really long, thick Hijab, flared skirt, a Koran and a booklet of "Daily phrases" in the bag, going to classes on Islamic faith, considering music as words of the Shaytan and having only female friends comes to my mind, and I know I'm not that type of Muslim. I am a 'help people, work conscienciously, be good to family and friends, fight social ills, maintain peace and love, find inspiration in music and whatever book I read' kind of Muslim.

3) I am an internet addict. I have recently begun to hate it and am trying to cure myself. I have begun to notice how mom began to feel lonely, and it broke my heart to little pieces. I mean, it's crazy. I get back from work, and IMMEDIATELY switch on the computer, before praying, before asking mom how her day was, before doing what's urgent. I don't want a day to come when I regret not spending more time with her. This is the most murderous feeling one can get.

4) I am extreeeeemely hesitant. I'm the kind of person who will make an order in a fast-food restaurant in 20 minutes.

5) I hate change. I HATE change. I am secure where I am. I know everything going on and I can expect what will happen tomorrow. Why should everything change all of a sudden? Even when I am forced to change, I spend a really long time before I get used to the new conditions, which often turn out to be better. The change I mean here is change in my personal life; I don't mean change in the stupidity of some people. I am all for it.

6) I am very paranoid. If you don't mean any harm, I will expect you to. If you try to explain in good will that I did something wrong, I will figure out that you want me dead.

7) I am an adamant feminist. I am not part of a Feminist organisation (as yet), I do not know all of the Feminist movements, and I did not read for Simone De Beauvoir. What I do know is, women reserve the right to walk the streets safely, have sexual fantasies and express them (to whoever they find appropriate) without being called sluts, get married or stay single without being labelled, looked at as human beings who feel love, pain, frustration besides being mothers, wives and/or sexual and/or love interests.

8) I have an unquenchable thirst for human relations, and find it sad that those relationships are not better appreciated by a lot of us.

9) I believe we shouldn't expect a subordinate such as a member of society, student or son to work properly if his/her 'supervisor' has gone astray. Corruption or discipline work from up to down, not the other way around.

10) I have the classical wish of finding someone who will be husband, lover, friend, brother and companion to me.

This tag is now forwarded to Pink Blume.


Ravine said...

1) O yes yes. I totally agree ;).

2) I am a 'help people, work conscienciously, be good to family and friends, fight social ills, maintain peace and love, find inspiration in music and whatever book I read' kind of Muslim.

chapeau bas indeed.

3)I had this problem at one time (my mother was similarly upset) but I'm getting over it by constantly telling myself that there's so much I can accomplish in one day if I step away from the pc every now and then.

4) if we were eating out together, I would've killed you by now! =D

5) I think that may be a part of your overall paranoia. It's not bad to be careful though as long as it doesn't turn into complete resistance to any sort of change

6)It's better to be a little paranoid than to be overly trusting IMO.




10)You and me and about a million other girls, sweetie!

Great stuff! Thanks for doing the tag =D.

Anonymous said...

oh dear! if you know how much i love and respect you
we should meet soon!

Wild at Heart said...

3) So true. I feel surprised at the profusion of time on my hand when I DON'T spend my day on the internet.

4) Try me out :P

Cheers =)

I love you know it!

Jade said...

Cool list ya banouta! :)

Jade said...

Knock knock...
Been awfully quiet around here

Jade said...

Knock knock...
Been awfully quiet around here