Saturday, November 08, 2008

When reality bites in the face

Having spent half of my time chatting in the last couple of years...I can simply form anthologies of what my contacts and I shared...

"(modern religion is the way religion is practiced nowadays... ya3ni hijab 3al ras we mini skirt 3al regleen masalan... bla bla bla... aw shab sonni be satanic icons on his tshirt we keda)"

"5las mb5ash fi 7aga far2a,and yes now u can"

"ana msh 3arfa el nass dy mo3tabera en gesm elly oddamak dah melkeya 3amma zay el 2otobees ely rakbenoh walla eh?"

"why am i dying to live, if im living to die?"

"why am I a victim?
why does god allow it?
I'm sorry, but I don't deserve to go through this shit"

"why cant we be FREE?
why do we have to abide by the norms?"

"despite this asshole of a life
I still believe that what you give, you get back"

"irony of life, one is in deep shit because she can't find a good reason to say yes, and the other because she can't find a good reason to say no"

"waga3 yom wala waga3 kol yom"

"u do not have to luv someone who loves u
but u have to respect
someone who respects you"

"he is a guy
he stays forever 13"

"-I'm laughing my ass off

-hope you are wearing panties"

"r u the one who predicts the bad so as not to be astonished if it happened to occur?"

"-wallahy elly beyrkab mowaslat dah beyta3zzeb
enta btroo7 ezay?

-ma3aya skoda felicia"

"-he's so immoral
-arent we all?
-yeah,and so
-so we are not better than him
-no we're not
-so u cant say hes so immoral
I take it back
we're all immoral

"ana met7'an2a ma3 kol elnas"

"stop torturing urself"

"bas lama rabena yeb2a 3'adban 3alaya........."

"u know what kind of personality that wud suit us the most...
the wildy decent guy...he has to b wild aw dominant to tame the 'shrew' inside us, bs he has to b a decent caring person too"

"I'm a champion of freedom"

"bs fel a5er e7na nas gamdeeen msh 7netkeser abadan"

"waiting on the world to change"

"...she should've taken into consideration that most ppl are narrow-minded"

"I still wish i could have one puff of smoke… mesh el a3'beya dol ye3melo sagayer men 3'er nicotine"

"do you think we're living unislamic lives?"

"yalla sweet nightmares"

"nothing can make me feel better"

"why do I love to torture myself?"

"-eh bet3aytee?
-la2 zehe2t men el3eyat"

"Dear depression"

"I'm always very harsh on him.
he doesn't understand that I'm harsh on him because I care!"

"okay Mr. Wilde, enough epigrams"

"I've felt a strange kind of comfort since I saw the graves
I understood where EVERYTHING ends
in this Earth
in this silence"

"my colon is going to hell soon"

"but struggling against life brought me nowhere
so why not give in?"

"why do u want to torture urself?"

"I, like everyone else, have an amount of evil and desire for destruction"

"he's a red-head and doesn't have eyelashes"

"I found out that I love to torture myself"

"-i'm a sexual person
-who isn't?"

"and you know every fucking detail about me
and my boring life
and you found nothing interesting in me except my fucking sexuality"

أهلا بالفراغ أهلا بالصياعة أهلا بالعنوسة"

"you try against the impossible"

"please don't break my heart"

"I don't see a life outside Egypt
a life away from the land I love so much i would die for and my family and friends who cannot be replaced with all the money in the world"

"your life is a choice"

"i want to love u for the sake of loving u"

"are you going to stop...?
are you?
are you going to let go?"

"if u lost me now
how far will u suffer?"

"say bye so I can go grieve"

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Oh wow!! what a post...purely existential...know existentialism?!! It's what we're all looking for.

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