Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Khaled Said's Killers Trial Adjourned

The details of today's session are well and objectively detailed here, but I can't be objective about it.
As noted in this post, the murderers should face more severe charges, I do not know who is responsible for this, but it's probably the prosecution. Thankfully, Khaled Said family's lawyers asked the charges to be changed to premeditated murder, but it doesn't necessarily mean they will. I mean, what fucking bullshit is this? Someone has died here, someone has been beaten for a tortuous twenty minutes and smeared after his death, and in return his killers, IF convicted, may face only three years?? One reason why many Egyptians are frustrated from their lifelong government is that not only does the government purposefully kill and/or starves them, but the judicial system is not always reliable, because it belings to, uhm, the government!


Mohammed Gamal said...

The problem is basically with the autopsy report, since it did not confirm the death's cause with the beating, but rather asphyxiation.

Therefore, given these data, the prosecutor couldn't charge them with murder, but only with unlawful arrest and excessive use of force.

Wild at Heart said...

بقى كده!
Thanks for your comment....they also asked Ayman Fouda who dismissed the official report, I hope he can do something.

Anonymous said...

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