Saturday, October 23, 2010

Khaled Said Trial Update

Today Sally Sami tweeted live from the third session of the trial of Khaled Said's murderers. Eight witnesses gave their testimonies, including Amaal, wife of the building porter where Khaled was beaten to death, a crucial witness, Khaled's brother and two friends of his. One of the friends admitted that he used to smoke weed and other drugs with Khaled, whereas the other friend who was there when Khaled died confirmed that said suspects beat him to death.

There has been a focus, or so I noticed, on the claim that Khaled was an addict, and that the puzzling story of Khaled swallowing a packet of drugs may be true. Sadly, this is yet another indication that the policemen will recieve a light sentence, if any at all, because they killed a "drug addict". Judges may actually think it is acceptable for police forces to crack open a "junkie's" jaw. One more paradigm that Egyptains have just GOT TO do away with, that addicts are bloody criminals who deserve to die. Add mental health patients, religious minorities, girls in tight jeans, and you know Egypt is on its way to become a Nazi nation.

Meanwhile pro-police protesters continued their farcical protests outside the court, yelling at witnesses "You Jews!", and telling Khaled's family members they're dogs.

The three elements seem to complete the farce that has become Egypt, the pro-police protesters, the police and the judges. The trial was adjourned to 26th of November.

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