Saturday, February 10, 2007

Watching them go by

Watching them go by
To their mosques and their churches
To their prayers and their sermons
And I'm standing here alone
Sins dripping down my cloth
An odour of filth rising
Over the amber and the rose of sharon
But never taking over
"Allahu Akbar!"
Standing here frozen
My eyes fixed on the ground
The warmth of the mosque faintly brushes me by
Too strong to go unnoticed
Too faint to move my heart
How can I stand between Your hands
Beside this spotless heart
And that faultless soul
On this holy ground
And whisper your name
When I can't free myself of Satan's hold
Or is it mine?
My captivity?
Will I dare to embrace your love once more?
Or will i stand here in the dark
Till I'm swept away
In the cold of sin
In the darkness of evil.


jxsjiangso said...

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الديب said...

Salamo Alaykom ..

nice post .. God is the most mercifull, he alwayss starts his words in the Quraan with reminding us with his merci ..

Sob7an Allah !

Triple H said...

This is a very well written emotional strong poem,well done.
But i am certain that you're far from sin as earth is far from the sun.

Anonymous said...

Dear Noha,
What a wonderful poem,it is very nice to read and to think about such a things. About what we did and what we are gonna do with our live. It is verygood to think sometimes about our sins, but we are a humianbeing we are no engels and having a sin it belongs to the humianbeing, we are very weak and we think that we are very is very good to know which sine we have done and try to avoide it in the future but there is no reason to feel guilty i think, because God can forgive every sin. Have a nice day lady