Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My greatest Fear

نائما كنت جانبها, و رأيت ملاك القدس"
ينحنى, ويربت وجنتها
و تراخى الذراعان عنى قليلا
:و سارت بقلبى قشعريرة الصمت
و عاد لى الصوت!
وجاوبنى الموت!
وعانقتها.. وبكيت!
"!!وغام بى الدمع حتى احتبس
"من أوراق أبو نواس"
أمل دنقل

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear noha,

It is also my greatest fear to lose one of my parents, i am a man but in he eyes of my parents i am stil the same little kid, i saw them once a year mybe and in otice they are getting older and weaker, it makes me very scare to lose on them. But death is the only fact in our life, sometimes i think about it and specually because i live in a other country no aunts, no brother and sister no aunts, sometimes it is better not to think about it.