Friday, December 07, 2007

God. I hate screamers.

Have you seen one of those stupid videos where you are asked to watch intently at a certain video, looking for clues to some puzzle, finding a number of differences between two pictures or simply following a maze, when suddenly a ghost or some crappy graphic image pops up?
Oh God, I was fooled into one of these computer pranks yesterday and I still haven't shaken the image off my back. Mind you, it's a widely circulated video on Facebook's Advanced Wall and similar applications, and it lures you because the front image is that of a man and a woman kissing.
So, as if I've never seen two people kissing before, I was tempted to watch the video. I strangely found myself being followed into what seemed like a maze in an empty flat. I expected the worst, but for some reason I continued watching, and before I knew it, a ghost girl popped up and a loud scream ripped through my speakers!
I quickly hid my eye and jumped into the air. I think I kept shaking for ten minutes. When my breath evened out I was angry. I felt like a victim. It's true I'm a sucker for horror movies, but at least willingly. I watch a movie and I know in advance that this man's head will be chopped off nice and clean. I shake and have nightmares but at least I knew it would happen.
But to be betrayed and fooled in this way...

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Anonymous said...

I agree my first screamer was the scary maze one at 3 in the morning on full screen and i crapped myself honestly these things should be banned the people who make them have twisted senses of humour.