Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ahmadinejad Circus?

We know that in the dirty world of politics, there isn't much to say, weapons always speak louder, so here are simply a few notes on the Ahmadi Nejad furor:
  • Israel is a racist state. It specifically targets Arabs whether in Gaza and the West Bank or within Israel. Arab-Israelis are denied proper housing and healthcare. They are denied proper education and are not allowed to study their own history. The Israeli war machine targets Arabs in particular, and has fought six wars against Arabs since it was planted in the Middle East. A recent study showed how Israelis even take up four times the amount of potable water allowed for the Palestinians. Israeli rabbis have repeatedly described Arabs as insects. If this is not racism, I wonder what is.
  • Europeans champion freedom of speech. That is why they snubbed Muslim fury at the Prophet Muhammad cartoons, saying we even attack Jesus in our plays and books, so why are Muslims so angry. Now, when the President of Iran, not an amateur cartoonist, states not only his opinion but also a historical fact, the ambassador of Britain in Geneva sees that he has gone too far! So depicting our Prophet as a terrorist, when he wasn't, is freedom of speech, whereas criticising the discriminatory polices of the state of Israel, which is a documented fact, is not?
  • All due respect to the victims of the Holocaust. I don't get why Netanyahu linked between the two events; the anniversary of the Holocaust and Nejad's statements. Israel as a Zionist state was the object of his criticism, not Jews per se, and I don't see why any righteous Jew should see his statements a threat!
  • It takes courage, nay, it takes absolute power, to speak the truth in this circus of a world. I bow to Ahmadinejad.


marooned84 said...

It's funny how those who speak the truth are so shunned in Egypt and the Kingdom, among other more silent or helpless Arabs...

Remember how Amr Mousa stayed in Davos after the Turkish prime minister left? He was just a spectator, and that's what our leaders have been for a while, before getting old and starting to reveal their true empty selves (like in Mubarak's notorious press conference during the Gaza war).

Wild at Heart said...

It was, however, the French and other mainly non-Arab delegations that walked out, rather than Arabs. But of course I totally agree with you.

الحمقاء المضلله innominate x said...

yeah i bow and pay respects too to ahmadinajad....people say that his last action wasn't the least diplomatic.....but to hell with diplomacy it made us reach no where nonaded nashgob na3tared :0