Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emirati Emir catches torture virus!

Apparantly, an Emirati Emir found little better in Egypt, and in many of his neighbouring countries (ok. Not 'all') to imitate other than torturing an Afghani trader and crushing him with his car, thankfully or thanklessly, not to his death. Adding insult to injury, the torture rampage was actually caught on tape...doesn't it ring a bell?
I still cannot assimilate torture-I just can't comprehend it. True, I've beaten my little brother when we were young, which in my book could pass as an abuse, but I regretted it so much later and apologised to him. It never made him a better child or a better man, though, all this beating he got from my parents. He turned out reckless and hopeless, he turned out to do stuff that makes you much more tempted to beat him.
I digress; a man can beat up another or get into a fight because of anger, because of seeing red, but really, planned acts of torture are something else. Those people need to be put behind bars or just strangled for the love of God, for the love of justice.
Crime is understandable, not abnormal anymore, but being acquitted or given a light sentence is. We'll see what that Emir will face, and if he is not properly punished, the last grain of respect I have for the UAE government will be squashed.

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