Thursday, June 04, 2009

Obama contradicting himself

Perhaps the only difference between Obama and Bush is the first's eloquence and intelligence; intelligence, however, but not fairness or justice in any way.

I believe any discussion of a conflict should begin and end when it comes to human life. Obama has been so kind-hearted as to bring to light the torture and genocide that Jews have faced in the Holocaust and, to reduce us to tears, he spoke in numbers: We have been bereaved by losing 6 million innocent Jews who had been persecuted for many years...three thousand American men women and children who did nothing, nothing, were killed in 9/11.

What about our numbers? Has no one told you that your troops in this war you did not choose (!!) killed more than a million and a half Iraqis? No mention of them? No mention of the children killed in the Haditha killings? No mention of forcing running water into people's mouths and then ruling it out as torture? Has no one told Obama of the young boy whose brain has been dashed out under US rockets and dead body shown on the 20th of March 2003 on AlJazeera? No equality for him? So as I get it, the equality he spoke of for much of the speech applies to Muslims and other minorities in the US and for Copts in Egypt, but not to our children.

No one expects him to be the saviour, and the poeple incessantly cheering and clapping during his speech are basically dumb to think that just because his middle name is Hussein, he will be fair and just. He wants Palestinians to recognise Israel, though he also said that Palestinians have long suffered from occupation! So, according him, Palestine is occupied by a most bloody state, but who cares, the bond between the US and Israel is unbreakable, so you have to be squeezed in between.

Never in his speech did he mention anything about Muslims being victims of unholy wars and monstrous submission on the part of the rest of the world. Only Bosnians and Sudanese people have suffered, but Palestinians are muderers who fire rockets at the poor Israeli people. Palestinians who are killed, tortured, imprisoned, denied a home, denied clean water and food if any at all, should abandon violence. So when Israel fires rockets and bombs at the densely populated Gaza, when one out of four victims of this war is a child, Palestinians are simply expected to abandon violence, fill their mouths with dust, their hands with soil from their children's graves and their bellies with White Phosphorous, just be quite and take it like a man!

Pictures of the lastest Gaza holocaust are available here:


marooned84 said...

That's a good review, really. It's dumb for the weak to expect justice from the strong when they don't do anything about it.

Yesterday I listened by chance to someone on al 3ashera masa2an saying that if the bond between the US and Israel is unbreakable, the bond between us and Palestine is unbreakable too. Well, I really wanted to call her and tell her you're wrong. The bond between the state of Egypt and all the other neighboring countries and Palestine is very breakable. Listen at what Mubarak said during the Gaza massacre. Watch the short animation movie by the Israeli director. Is there even a bond anymore? We broke it long ago back in 1978.

أسوور said...

اتمنى ان الراجل دة يكون صادق بقدر ما أخشى أن يغتال قبل أن يحقق شيئا مما ذكر فى خطابه

ربنا يستر