Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Questions I hate and answers I'd love to give

X: So...what's new? Eih El Gedeed?
Me: Haven't you known! I'm running for president.

X: Ha...mafesh 7aga keda walla keda? (aka Any suitors yet?)
Me: Well...I'm as single as you are :@

X: Malek? (What's wrong?)
Me: Sorry...I just figured out that I will die one day...and that Palestine is still occupied.


marooned84 said...

How about:

X: 2ool 7aga.
Y: toz feek.

Wild at Heart said...

Hehe yes here is another question I hate!

Isolde said...

X: me7awesha kam le7ad delwa2ty?
Me: ( sorry ya3ny) 7amra :D

law el comment f ta3addy delete it, I wont blame u, but this is the answer I've always wanted to say...

El mohem, enty 3amla eih? Miss u :)

Wild at Heart said...

Seriously, do people actually ask how much you have saved?!!!

Isolde said...

yep! :)