Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cruel Summer

I will likely spend a most cruel summer. One friend who had been staying temporarily in Egypt is going back to his country for good, another friend is getting married and will be spending a good part of the summer away, and a third is also spending a month abroad. I am left with the stabbing pain of departure, which none of the so-called social networks or words in an email will be able to cure. I will have to spend lonely mornings in bed marvelling at the swiss breakfasts and espressoes we had together, walk the busy streets of downtown alone, see my friend's face here, and hear a comment he made there. There is something absolutely viscious about relationships as you know that no matter what, all relationships end, sometimes leaving you wondering why it started in the first place. You keep trying to convince yourself that it may evolve into another kind of bond, but in reality all you are left with is memories of a past that is impossible to replay.

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