Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Maze

Something happens then I feel sick.
No no, I have the bout of illness when I'm angry.
No, I get angry then i get sick.
Or get angry because I'm sick.
I become silent then angry then sick.
Then awful then I hate myself.
Or maybe they hate me then I get angry then i become sick.
Or sick then angry then hated.
What exactly comes first makes no difference; the end is one.


Anonymous said...

That is right lady we say also in Egypte the reasons are difference but the death is the same. It is a very hard words but it is part of the real live which some times can be very hard. In Holland they say, the live is not always met roses, live has a very bad and good side, middelway is also oke but is not possible all the time

ToOoTa said...

beautiful hun' i really did like it.It's soo simple yet it explains it all