Wednesday, May 02, 2007


He said he was leaving...and her heart sank deep in her chest.
She blushed as she thought of grabbing his arm and telling him to stay just a little more so she can tell him...
What did she want to tell him?
Some moments are so overwhelming that any words uttered would be meaningless.
He moved towards the door in heavy steps, then he turned to look at her and only her, and repeated "Goodbye."
She was loking at him, motionless.
What did he want to tell her?
Maybe he wanted to grab her arm and take her away with him.
Maybe he wanted to read the lingering thoughts on her mind.
And he left...
She couldn't bear to see him suddenly slip away from her...she took a step forward, then back again, then suddenly leapt out of the room, anxious and grieved, saw him stepping down the stairs and fading away. She wanted to call out but her voice died in her throat.
If she had wanted to speak, why was she silent? Why are we always silent when the people we love need us so much!
I dared not tell you to stay...but as I stepped back into the room I knew the words escaping me were...
"every time you go take a piece of me with you."


Triple H said...

the story is good, i like sad stories, cause i dont believe in happy endings ,anyway i just want to ask about the method of narration ,i am no expert but you started in a third person narrative & then ended it in a first person narrative, shouldn't you stick to one type or am i mistaken ?

anyway keep it up & God bless you

Wild at Heart said...

Hi hatem, thanks for dropping by
You should stick to one narrative in the Victorian Age...but as you know in modern and post-modern literature the narrative became more flexible and fluid, going back and forth in time, and especially in postmodern literature, shift of narrative is accepted. When a writer wants to give the viewpoint of many characters,many thoughts and impressions, this is what he does.
What I wrote cannot really be called 'literature' :) but anyway I prefer postmodern literature, it's the best that expressses the confusion and contrasts of our postmodern world. I don't like to follow srtict rules like that of the Victorian Age...if art is creation, then it's supposed to reflect the creation of every artist per se.
Good Luck!