Thursday, May 10, 2007

To Kill With Kindness

A short scene
(Curtain. It is a cold winter in an uptown Cairo district. The streets are buzzing with cars and flashes of light. Many people are moving about the famous restaurant. I am warming myself with a good laugh with my friends in a Picanto when a dark shadow that rises beside me startles me. A homeless child with an expression of innocence and extreme misery appears and starts to wipe the side window. I smile warmly at him and start looking for some change)

I: Have you got any change for this sweet kid?
Friend: Sure.
(Child is still wiping. I continue to look sweetly at him)
I: (Giving him a one-pound note) Thank you.
(Child takes the money and looks at me steadily, the same despairing look on his face)
I: (Shivering) Excuse me, honey. I'll close the window because I'm feeling really cold.
(Child smiles with an air of blame around him, then vanishes as I slowly close the window)
Curtain Falls


Aden said...

already done the middle east sweetie cakes! its OLD HAT :)

Digg said...

Now I know you have a Picanto!
*evil grin*
Love this short story, I can practicly picture it!

Wild at Heart said...

لا بيكانتو مين...دى عربية صاحبتى, أنا ماعرفش غير 75 اللى بيروح من المقطم لقسم الحدايق و 9 اللى بيروح من الدراسة لعرب الطوايلة :):):)