Monday, March 22, 2010

I hate seeing suitors with my sister because...

she interferes with what I wear although I specifically told her not to.
she rebukes me coz I can't find my lenses.
she suggests I wash the lenses with eye drops instead of the solution I ran out of.
she tells me to wear the lenses anyway though they hurt my eye and are unclean.
she yells at me for having to wear my eyeglasses instead.
she wouldn't tell me what the hell is wrong or unchic about wearing eyeglasses.
she asks me why the hell I am wearing the red pullover.
she tells me the pullover is old though I make it clear I only got it last year.
she asks me why I haven't worn the grey coat instead.
I feel sorry for myself when I realise that she is far less critical than my mother...

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marooned84 said...

Lesson to be learned: don't see any suitors :p