Saturday, March 06, 2010


I have always been what you can call close to my big sister. We would share everything from the same fashion sense to tears at the death of a family member. She is the typical eldest sister/child; an A student, aspiring, eloquent, self-confident, domineering and mother-like. I dreaded how everything was about to change when she got married a year and a half ago. I was scared that we would not be as close friends anymore. But ever since she travelled, there has been a strange turn of events.
During the year she travelled with her husband to Wahhabism-infested Saudi Arabia and much to my surprise, she started to change. It may as well have been her husband, but both of them were moderate. The first alarming sign was when I described the time-honoured Ahmad Zaky Badr as an animal, a totally acceptable and for that matter understandable swear word. I found an indignant message from her wondering what "people will say about me for saying that word." I assured her that not only does he deserve it, but also my FB privacy settings are edited and students cannot see my stata. She mentioned, to my amazement, that she does not want her "cute and sweet" to call anyone names. I responded rather harshly that I am neither sweet nor cute and do not want to be. Fe3lan ya3ny I do not want to be sweet. I want to be sour, harsh and bitter.
Another time we were marvelling at all the good times we will spend together when she comes in a matter of two weeks and we mentioned meeting some friends including a guy, when she mentioned something along the line of bringing my brother over as a "mahram." For the sake of my sanity, I didn't ask her to repeat what she said. I have another FB account for students, and I joked that it was my "secret account," and again she commented, though jokingly, that she is surprised that her young sister has lost her "innocence". I wonder what she will say if she knows that I have an atheist friend and that I have enjoyed watching Hentai images.
I do not want to fit in any mould anyone makes for me. I want to be spontaneous and independent, that is why I am expecting a clash of civilisations to occur during her short stay here...


marooned84 said...

and that's what I respect u and read ur blog for. that's what makes anyone worth the breath they take :)

oh, and I LOVE IT when u get personal :)

Wild at Heart said...

I love it too when I have the brain for it =)