Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not in the name of Islam!

People who claim to speak or act in the name of Islam often tarnish it the most. I cannot find any explanation for the punishment of a Sudanese woman for committing the unthinkable crime of wearing pants. Nowhere in Islamic Sharia should women be flogged for wearing pants. Some Sudanese "Sharia Court" has simply invented its own code of ethics which are as unislamic as can be and decided to rip apart the skin of a woman for wearing pants! Every Muslim should be indignant ... what gave them the right to act out such a barbaric act in the name of Islam?

Even the punishment that should be imposed on fornicators or adulterers according to Islam can only be carried out if they have been caught red-handed by four witnesses. And not any witnesses, witnesses who believe in God ... Now do any couple who decide to get laid actually do it in a place where they can get caught by four believers? No. And what does that mean? This punishment is more of an intimidation than anything else. What actually happens, sadly, is that a woman's relative kills her right away if he simply suspects she has had an affair with someone. This is incredibly unjust.

The punishment for fornication or adultery should not be related to the Sudanese woman, because she is not accused of these crimes. Still, for some incomprehensible reason, the so-called court in which so-called Muslims have handed down the "adultery" punishment!

It's disgusting and it's enraging. I have recently accepted that democracy is a huge myth, but does the alternative really have to be full-blown idiocy and cruelty?

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