Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Khaled Said Graffiti Sprayed on the Ministry of Interior

On the first anniversary of the murder of Khaled Said, Egypt commemorated it uniquely. This time last year was a time of anguish and anger for all those who saw Khaled's photos and knew the details of his death. This year, and although his murderers are yet to be indicted (or released!) on the 30th of June, the feelings of anger have to some extent turned to hope and determination after the Khaled Said Facebook Page helped mobilised for the revolution.

Sadly, there have been two cases of torture to death after the revolution, and others of policemen shooting detainees despite not particularly being in a threatening situation. Just a show of power, and perhaps vengeance. That's why activists called for a protest in front of the Ministry of Interior at the same time that Wael Ghonim called for the usual silent stands downtown all over Egypt.

The police cordoned off two intersecting streets and at the beginning their numbers were bigger than us. Soon the numbers started to increase and it got interesting when some brilliant Egyptian Banksy sprayed a Khaled Said graffiti in front of the Ministry.
Khaled Said graffiti
When one graffito passed peacefully, the artist was encouraged to spray it over and over till it filled the facing wall. Dying for some water, I briefly left, and soon heard whistling and cheering sounds. I flew back to find the Khaled Said graffiti sprayed in red ON THE MAIN GATE!

I couldn't help crying, it was like his blood has returned to the ministry to remind them of their crime, though they had probably not forgotten it for a year every second of their lives. Neither did or will we.

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