Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Military Council Still in Denial Over Virginity Tests

Heedless of the worldwide scandal that has been confirmed by an anonymous army officer yesterday, the military council was quick to deny any forced virginity tests were carried out on female protesters.

Sadly, this attitude is not exclusive to the military. Many of those who knew about the torture cases do not want to believe it happened. To wide ranges of Egyptians, the army is still revered as heroic; myself included, until I was horrified by the torture cases that have been confirmed by various reputable sources. So it is unclear to me if the perpetrators will ever face trial, being denied by the military and silently supported by many of the public.

Our issues with the military council do not only extend to its lax reform policies but also to its repeated crimes of torture against protesters. This is a revolution for our dignity, much more than being that for political and economic reforms. We did not brace the bullets, the thugs and being mowed down by police cars so that we will later be punished by those we revere. It is appalling and it is disgusting.

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